Tara Visconti Photography

NOSTALGIA - it's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone - a feeling of a place that we ache to go again.



One of my favorite things about photography is connecting with other creative people. Maybe you have a camera and really would like to learn how to use it. Or your have so many creative ideas and would love to capture the everyday moments of your family. I would to teach all that I know about taking your camera knowledge to the next level. As a mentor, I want to give you tools and help guide you into becoming the photographer that is uniquely you. Maybe you already know what makes you tick but you just need a fresh perspective to help you see in a new way. Maybe you're just starting out and you want to explore your shooting or editing style. I am here to work with you to help you grow as an artist.  


In-Person Mentoring

This is a full day, in-person experience. I am all yours! We will meet for coffee and snacks and we’ll your portfolio, discussions on your desired topics, and my inspiration and prep details before heading to a live shoot with a model family. After our shoot we will head to dinner and I will guide you through the editing process. $300 for the day.