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Rice Pudding Recipe

Tara Visconti Photography - Rice Pudding Recipe
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4 c uncooked rice + 3 c sugar + 3 tbsp vanilla + dash of salt + 1 gal whole milk + 1 qt half & half + 1 qt heavy cream + 3 eggs beaten + cinnamon + 2-3 c raisins


In a large pot, combine milk, half & half, heavy cream, rice, sugar, and dash of salt. Stir constantly for 1 hr on medium. Whisk eggs and set aside. After 1 hr turn heat down to low and stir constantly for another hour. Meanwhile, add raisins to pot of water and simmer. This helps from altering the color of the rice pudding. Once the rice is tender and the pudding is a thick consistency, add the eggs and stir rapidly.

Transfer pudding to containers and top with cinnamon. We like to have some with raisins and some without. Let cool on counter for 30 minutes then cover and refrigerate.

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